Why Work With a Healthcare Recruiter as a Candidate?

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Are you looking for a job in the healthcare industry? There are a lot of great reasons to work with a recruiter, but our candidates’ favorite thing about us is that we’ll never charge you whether we place you in your dream position or not.

Shepard Search Partners will help coach you on interview techniques, negotiate fair compensation, and search for positions on your behalf. But before we dig into the specifics on how Shepard Search Partners will help you, let’s talk about what we do (and don’t) incorporate into our job description.

What Do Healthcare Recruiters Do?

Healthcare recruiters that aren’t directly employed by a healthcare organization supplement their existing recruiting team. Frequently internal employees are busy with other aspects of human resources and don’t have time to source candidates for a position proactively. While posting a job description on an employment website works in some situations, others demand a more proactive approach.

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Independent healthcare recruiters are enlisted to source candidates on an organization’s behalf. We work with the organization to understand their candidate requirements, nice-to-haves, and deal-breakers. With a solid understanding of the position under our belts, we reach out to our existing network and beyond.

An organization only pays contingent healthcare recruiters (like us) once a candidate accepts a position. It’s in our best interest to find the right fit for both parties involved. We want the organization to keep using our services, and we want you to think of us if your friend is looking for a position or the next time you’re considering a job change.

What Do Healthcare Recruiters Not Do?

While we absolutely want to land you a position you love, recruiters are not personal assistants. Recruiters don’t schedule transportation or meals, remind you of your interview once you agree to a schedule, pitch the wrong person for the position, represent you for a job you’re already interviewing for, or date people they represent (so please don’t ask).

Reasons to Work With a Recruiter

Now that we’ve covered a few of our do’s and don’ts, let’s walk through exactly how working with Shepard Search Partners benefits you.

Get Help at No Charge!

Some people make a living reviewing resumes, coaching people through the interview process, and helping you dial in the profile of your ideal employer. Shepard Search Partners does all of these things without charge.

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Healthcare employment recruiters see the full range of specialties, personalities, and resume writing skills. We know what will get your foot in the door and what will keep you from being noticed. We also have inside knowledge about what exactly the employer is looking for, why you fit the position, and any weak points we’re concerned about. 

In other words, it’s a great idea to listen to our feedback. The information we pass on will benefit you not only in your current job search but during future career moves.

Save Time

Many of the people we help place are still in their current job. With the kind of schedules nurses and doctors balance, they don’t have time to scour career boards for every healthcare organization that may be a fit. They may also be based in a different state and not have the network necessary to know about unlisted positions.

Outsourcing your job search can take a lot of pressure off your plate. It’s especially useful when you’re just beginning to consider a change and aren’t fully committed to digging through your network for jobs.

One last time saver people usually don’t think about is time wasted waiting for responses or going through interview cycles that ultimately aren’t a good fit. Shepard Search Partners is directly plugged into the organization and can quickly provide hiring manager feedback. We can also let you know if we think the position may not be the right fit before you get invested.

Keep Things Confidential

Many of our candidates are currently in a position they are afraid to jeopardize by openly disclosing they are searching for a new job. Shepard Search Partners often conducts confidential searches for candidates in this situation. We do everything we can to maintain your privacy.

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Get the Salary You Deserve

Some people have no problem selling their skills and reaching for an ambitious salary. A few overreach, but we’re always surprised by how many people don’t know their value.

Recruiters know the market and what specific qualifications will add to your salary. We’ll advocate for fair compensation because it’s in your best interest and ours.

Expand Your Network

Recruiters build up a network based on their reputation. Organizations trust us because they know we’re diligent about the caliber of candidates we recommend for their open positions. Because organizations trust our ability to screen candidates, it’s easier for you to get in the door. 

This is particularly critical for someone looking to relocate to a new market. If you currently live in San Antonio and want to move to Milwaukee, for example, we can help.

Get Access to “Off Market” Jobs

Sometimes a job isn’t posted yet for a variety of reasons. Perhaps it’s a specialized position that requires top applicants, an executive search, or a position that internal candidates aren’t qualified for–and the organization wants to avoid the conflict that can occur when multiple internal candidates apply for a position.

Healthcare recruiters are bound to know about opportunities you haven’t heard about–and will probably not be open long enough to land on a careers page.

Be Better Prepared for Interviews

Recruiters know the position, what the hiring managers are looking for, and why you’re a fit. The best healthcare recruiters won’t try to force you into a position you don’t want or encourage you to apply for something you’re not qualified for. Once Shepard Search Partners knows you’re a fit, we’ll talk you through common interview questions, points we know they’ll want to clarify, and any red flags we think may indicate the organization or position doesn’t fit your requirements.

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Quid Pro Quo, Clarice

Now that you know more about the benefits of working with a recruiter, let’s talk about a few behaviors Shepard Search Partners loves to see in a candidate.

The ideal candidate:

Communicates their availability. Recruiters understand that you may already be in interview loops if you’re actively looking. Let us know if you’re no longer on the market or get an offer you can’t refuse.

Doesn’t approach the company that is hiring directly. If a recruiter shares a position with you, they expect you to go through them. Going straight to the organization will not win you any favors with a recruiter, and they may not work with you again.

Is honest about competing opportunities. It doesn’t hurt a recruiter’s feelings if you’re pursuing other opportunities, and it may work to your advantage when it comes to salary negotiation. Be specific about where you’re looking and how the interviews are progressing.

Is open to constructive feedback. Recruiters have seen a lot and know how to recognize a problem area, whether it’s your resume or how you present yourself. Take the expertise they have to offer into consideration, and you’ll become a stronger candidate.

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Are you interested in working with a healthcare recruiter or interested in becoming a recruiter yourself? Contact us today.

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