8 Reasons to Outsource Healthcare Recruitment

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Developing a strong healthcare recruitment strategy isn’t easy, particularly when your internal recruiter also takes on many other HR roles. They may spend a great deal of their time writing proposals, refining job descriptions, and running after position or candidate approvals. Through no fault of their own, they aren’t likely to have the time needed to proactively source passive candidates or review internal processes for opportunities to improve.

Each day a job remains unfilled, your company loses money. Employee productivity drops and recruitment costs add up fast. Inefficient hiring processes and long interview cycles can also result in lost candidates with more hours spent sourcing new people. Hiring the wrong person can mean thousands of extra dollars spent on recruiting and training a replacement.

By streamlining the recruiting processes, reducing time to hire, and increasing retention rates, Shepard Search Partners increases your return on investment. We also eliminate potential financial risk; our fee is contingent on us placing your ideal candidate.

Are you still wondering if outsourcing to a healthcare recruitment agency is right for your organization? This list is for you.

Save Time

Losing control of any aspect of the healthcare recruitment process can be nerve-wracking. That’s why Shepard Search Partners uses a consultative approach. We screen every new candidate and have a database of pre-screened candidates to pull from. We thoroughly review every position to ensure we’re only sending qualified candidates through the interview process.

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We understand the first position we place for you is much like a test drive. Once you work with Shepard Search Partners, you’ll see that we do everything we can to understand the hard requirements, nice-to-haves, and things to avoid to find the perfect fit.

We also assess your interview process and recommend changes to streamline your hiring process. This could mean reducing the number of interviews in a loop by moving individual interviews to a group interview or creating an applicant review process to get approvals out of the way early.

Are you interested in learning more about how you can improve your interview process today? Check out our article on best practices for more tips.

Reduce Recruitment Costs

It can be difficult—and expensive—to recruit talented healthcare professionals. It takes hours to source candidates and review resumes, call references, and go back and forth with hiring managers about candidates that almost meet every requirement. The opportunity cost of losing the perfect candidate because of approval delays is nothing to sneeze at, either.

Many healthcare organizations also spend a lot of money attending job fairs at local universities.

Outsourcing to Shepard Search Partners means we take on the tedious healthcare talent sourcing tasks for you. Our recommendations to streamline the hiring process will also save you time (and money!).

Reduce Risk

The first time you outsource to a healthcare recruitment agency, you may want to run your internal search concurrently. Shepard Search Partners operates a contingent search, meaning you only pay us if we successfully place a candidate. This removes the risk of spending money to try a new tactic only to not have it pan out.

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We are pleased to offer a contingent search for our clients because we know you’ll be happy with our results.

Expand Your Network

Bringing in a healthcare recruitment agency instantly expands your candidate pool. Shepard Search Partners brings our existing network to the table, which means you get access to our best talent—not just the people who are proactively applying to your online career listings.

Looking outside of your known network is particularly crucial in healthcare executive recruitment. To find the right candidate, you may need to look out of state and proactively recruit passive candidates. Which brings us to…

Reach Passive Healthcare Candidates

Sometimes the best candidate isn’t proactively searching for a new position. Shepard Search Partners reaches out to our existing network and people online who look like the perfect fit. Especially in cases where a job requisition has been open for weeks without promising applicants, we’ve found proactively reaching out to people who aren’t in an active job search mode is a great way to quickly find a good fit.

Scale On-Demand

Job trends in the healthcare industry have traditionally been predictable, but COVID-19 threw a wrench in many healthcare organization’s plans. Scaling back elective surgeries, scaling up emergency services, and now the predicted increase in specialty services needed for COVID-19 survivors have a lot of us scrambling to make adjustments.

Shepard Search Partners can help whether you’re reacting to market demands or scrambling to fill an unexpected opening.

Reduce Short Term Employee Turnover

We think it’s heartbreaking when a candidate reaches out to us for help finding a new position shortly after starting a new job. The number one reason we’re given from people in this situation is that the job looks nothing like the position they were sold on.

At Shepard Search Partners, we go out of our way to understand the position and the requirements. Sometimes the misalignment is due to recycling an old job description. Rarely (but we’ve seen it happen), the organization is looking for a way to make a position more attractive.

Take it from us. The initial increase in applicants is never worth the fallout after your new employee discovers they didn’t know what they were signing up for. Without full transparency, your new employee will feel lied to.

Improve Your Processes

If you’ve taken a biology course, you’ve been introduced to the fact that frogs don’t try to escape boiling water if the temperature is gradually increased. We think it’s an excellent analogy for the workplace. Humans adjust to their environment without even realizing it. Because the changes tend to be gradual, we don’t always recognize when a process begins to get so unruly, it’s actually a detractor for incoming candidates.

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Working with an outside resource means introducing a fresh perspective to your established processes. It’s easier for people who aren’t close to the organization to identify areas for improvement. Shepard Search Partners believes a consultative approach results in long-lasting positive changes for your organization that expand beyond benefitting your current open position.

Contact us to learn more about our organizational assessments or to get started outsourcing the search for a perfect candidate today.

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